Uber Car Accident Attorney

Uber Car Accident Attorney

It is pretty safe to say that Uber is the largest rideshare company globally, currently extending its services to more than 80 countries. Although rare, Uber car accidents are not impossible as they are often unforeseen. Generally, car accidents cases are challenging to handle, and accidents involving Ubers are even more complicated.

Suppose you are wondering why you specifically need an Uber accident attorney; here is why. Uber accident cases involve navigating several complexities of insurance, and analyzing fault can be overwhelming. An Uber accident attorney helps you handle the hard part and guide you through the entire process.

Who needs an Uber Car Accident Attorney?

Typically, accidents involve different players, the at-fault driver, a not-at-fault driver, and a victim (the Uber passenger or a pedestrian). All these players need the counsel of an Uber accident attorney either to seek compensation or to seek a lenient judgment. Making claims may seem easy, but it becomes more challenging due to the multiple insurance policies. Additionally, several complications are bound to arise in such cases. These issues include;

The Uber driver may have been offline at the time of the accident.
The Uber driver may have been online but waiting for a ride request
The Uber driver may have been online but en route for pickup
These are some of the scenarios that may limit the Uber driver’s insurance coverage. Such complications are better understood and handled by a professional Uber Accident Attorney as they are knowledgeable in this area.

In most cases, car accident victims are intimidated by the stature of rideshare companies. However, in the right hands, you stand a better chance of reaching a fair settlement. Before reaching out to the attorney, it is vital to help them by collecting evidence and seeking immediate medical attention. Visiting a health facility can help you get records that may be used as evidence in the case. Contacting 911 and the Uber company is also a vital step to take in case of an accident.

You can reach out to a trustworthy law firm for legal support since they are better placed to find you a competent Uber accident lawyer.

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