Judge Ace Attorney

Judge Ace Attorney

Judge Ace had an interesting early life. All his school’s report cards have a similar message, “that he had a poor hearing ability,” something that made him make mistakes quite often. This past did not deter him from rising to success as his reputation continues to shine, having presided over numerous reputable trials.

Notable Trials: Second KG-8 Incidence

One of the notable moments was the trial of Mack Rell, popularly termed as the 2nd KG-8 incident. This specific incident is so significant since it marked an end to some eras while it saw the birth of others.

At his arrest for murder, Mack Rell claimed to be the greatest thief – Yatagarasu. He would later change this proclamation when brought before prosecutor Byrne Faraday accusing the prosecutor of being Farady. He also claimed that he was the one that had sent him to commit the crime (Murder). This incident would make the judge suspend the hearing so that room for another prosecutor may be created during which Miles Edgeworth was appointed.

During the incident, Judge Ace Attorney proceeded to the restroom, where he heard a sound similar to a gunshot but quickly forgot. When the court proceedings resumed, Rell and Farady have discovered murdered. The judge would accuse Detective Dick Gumshoe of committing the crime, but prosecutor Edgeworth would clear him because his testimony was surrounded by misunderstandings of his role as a judge. In the meantime, the culprit managed to escape.

2016 Trials: Phoenix Wright in Court Again

In 2016, two years after the KG-8 incidence judge Ace also appeared in another case, Phoenix Wright appeared in his courtroom with a beginner attorney encountering prosecutor Winston Payne. During the case, Wright defended Larry Buts successively and also inferred who the correct killer was. Interestingly, the judge seemed not to recognize Wright even though they had med earlier during the man’s trial.

An outstanding aspect of the judge is the ability to give the correct verdict without failing.

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