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Civil Attorney

Who is a civil attorney?

In definition, a civil attorney is a type of litigator that deals with civil disputes usually involving a party or an entity. Mostly, the disputes handled by a civil attorney are geared toward seeking compensation for incurred damages from another party or entity and the nature of the civil disputes revolves around people, property, and relationships.

In short, a civil attorney is a specific type of litigator that is employed by a client to either defend or pursue a non-criminal case in a legal dispute.

What does a Civil Attorney specialize in?

A civil attorney or litigator may specialize in various areas of the legal field and they include the following.

Family law
Employment law
Personal injury law
Business and fiancé law
Real estate law
Immigration law
Landlord and tenant law

What are the duties of a civil attorney?

First off, civil lawyers serve different functions depending on the nature of the legal dispute. For instance, a civil attorney in a non-criminal dispute serves in the same capacity as the court prosecutors and defense attorneys. Whereas in a personal injury case; a civil attorney tries to prove that the defendant indeed injured the plaintiff and compiles them to pay for the damages.

That said; the duties of a civil attorney include the following;

Taking depositions from witnesses and hiring expert witnesses to testify in court.
A civil lawyer files motions, court briefs, and other legal documents relevant to the legal dispute.
Presenting cases before a jury or judge and negotiating settlements with different defense lawyers.
A civil attorney plays the role of serving specific discovery requests like helping couples in a divorce case in listing their financial resources and assets.
Lastly, a civil attorney communicates with the court as well as the other party’s lawyers.

In conclusion, a civil attorney takes over litigation once a defendant or plaintiff hires them.


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