Catastrophic Injury Attorney

The Importance of an Expert Catastrophic Injury Attorney

Catastrophic injuries are no joking matter. Catastrophic injuries are severe life changing, long-term injuries that affect the injured and the injured victim’s family. Usually suddenly happening, catastrophic injuries can be sustained in several ways and are normally related to damage of the central nervous system. Some catastrophic injuries do not even show any signs until years after the injury. Being sensitive to the accident victim and the victim’s family, a catastrophic injury may cause the victim to never be able to work again and may also require serious, long-term medical attention.

What are Catastrophic Injuries?

  • Brain Injury – From memory loss, loss of organ function, to mood changes, a traumatic brain injury can persist long after other symptoms have resolved. Brain injuries can be minor to complete lack of motor skills and abilities.

  • Spinal Injury – From partial to complete paralysis, this can debilitate you from lack of motor functions to total paralysis from the neck down and can costs millions of dollars in ongoing medical care and adaptive attention.

  • Burn Injury – Sometimes causing nerve damage from third and fourth degree burns, lifelong pain easily persists. Other problems are cosmetic from permanent scarring and can even cause limitations in functionality.

  • Amputation – From freak accidents to workplace accidents, losing a limb can alter permanent functionality in many obvious ways. For the lucky one, some limbs can be reattached, but require immense physical rehabilitation.

  • Internal Organ Injury – From internal transplants, to ongoing surgical procedures, damage to internal organs can present constant medical attention and regular checkups.

  • Vision/Hearing loss – Vision or hearing impairment can easily get in the way of basic abilities and can cause ongoing difficulties in functionality and mobility.

Importance of a Catastrophic Injury Attorney

Because of the seriousness of catastrophic injuries, most injuries leave accident victims in debilitating pain. From physical pain to emotional strain on the family, there are many major obstacles to overcome. If you are in physical pain, you will need to take the proper steps in seeing medical specialists. Medical bills will escalate depending on the injury sustained and you will need adequate compensation. Sometimes the only way to cover escalating medical bills is to file suit and file a claim, in which only a professional catastrophic injury attorney can help.

If you or a loved one has had a catastrophic injury and is in need of guidance or representation, contact any nearest catastrophic injury lawyer.