Associate attorney salary

Associate attorney salary

The legal profession is one of the preferred jobs in the entire world. The profession is associated with a rich paycheck and good working conditions. These two are the key factors that attract many people to the profession. However, the profession is rigorous right from the moment an individual begins studying. In addition, one has to keep advancing their career if one attains a level that can reason with judges and senior counsel.

In the United States, the present-day average salary for an associate attorney is $85,780 per year. The salary starts from about $73,130 to about $99,220. The package may also differ depending on a couple of factors which include but are not limited to skills, certifications, years spent in the legal profession, and education level, among others.

What is the Work of An Associate Attorney?

Associate attorneys are usually lawyers with a limited amount of experience in the legal profession. Most are usually directly from law school. They usually start under the guidance of an experienced attorney, during which they assist in cases and write necessary reports. Afterward, they move up the different legal profession ranks and can start taking their clients.

General Tasks of Associate Attorneys

They usually collect evidence to initiate legal actions or formulate a defense.
They meet with judges, argue motions, and select jurors.
They analyze the law and interpret it.
They advise the clients on claim viability, business transactions, and legal rights
Represent their clients before government agencies, during which they summarize cases to juries and the judges.

Skills Affecting Associate Attorney Salaries

Ordinarily, there are skills that could affect the salary of an associate attorney. Some of the prominent skills include;

Mergers and acquisitions
Tax preparation
Labor relations
Cyber security
Financial Analysis
Regulatory compliance
Intellectual property

Are you interested in the legal profession? Well, it starts with the knowledge that every rank requires thorough preparation. Note that you will only attain some ranks with sufficient experience. You should practice patience if you’re to reach such ranks.

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