Assistant District Attorney Salary

Assistant District Attorney Salary

The role of an Assistant District Attorney (ADA) is indispensable for any judicial system. Their job description entails a long list of legal duties, including working for a government entity in the prosecuting role. They also guide legal strategies, handle depositions, and present closing arguments in court, among other functions. However, the million-dollar question is,” How much do they earn for their services?”

The salary of an Assistant District Attorney ranges from $12,373 to 334,332 dollars annually, depending on the state. The median salary is $60,340 based on numbers recorded in a Comparable report. The U.S average, according to the same report, reveals an annual figure of $66,909. Along with this, some states offer a bonus of about $1520 every year. The disparity in salaries earned by Assistant District Attorneys from different states is dependent on several factors. These factors include the level of education, certifications or additional skills, and the duration of professional experience. Another vital consideration is the work schedule which also varies depending on the employer.

Some of the states that pay ADAs above the national average are Washington, paying 14.8% higher than the average; New York and New Hampshire take a tie, beating the average by 4.7%. It is worth noting that very few states pay above the average. This is primarily attributed to better economic advancements in some states than others.

Although the salary of an ADA is relatively fair, several factors come into play, including the cost of living. The same report by Comparably showed that rent alone grabs a considerable chunk- almost half of most ADAs’ salary every month. Additionally, they would still have to cover the 22% estimate of federal tax. Therefore their quality of living is moderate compared to other professions.

To stand a better chance at earning higher as an ADA, you must remain competitive in the courtroom, always aim at making more persuasive arguments, maintain excellent research skills, and of course, create time to boost your skills and knowledge academically.

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