Ace Attorney Walkthrough

Ace Attorney Walkthrough: The Adventure of the Great Departure

Judge Ace appears as a judge in a case of murder of a visiting British professional (John Wilson), where he is the presiding judge. In this case, Ryunosuke Naruhodo appears for the first time in a court where he is accused of murdering the professor. The case also sees the following make their first appearance in the episode; Taketsuchi Auchi, Kazuma Asogi, Yujin Mikotoba, Satoru Hosonaga, Kyurio Korekuta, Jezaille Brett, Susato Mikotoba, and Iyesa Nosa.

The trial also sees Kazuma Asogi appear as the defense attorney for Ryunosuke Naruhodo. He encourages him to keep his chin up that they would win the trial. However, when the trial began, Naruhodo claims he will be his defense after remembering the instruction he’d earlier heard Yujin give Asogi. This action was on the remembrance of consequences that would follow if the trial did not succeed.

During the recess, Asogi would complement Naruhodo for the sharpness he had expressed, denoting that he was suited to be an attorney since he could find contradicting testimonies from the witnesses. Yujin also congratulated them, explaining that they did not want the exchange program for Asogi to get suspended.

Interestingly, the exchange student Jezaille Brett revealed that she has personally seen Naruhodo shoot the professor as they were taking late lunch with the professor. Upon cross-examination on the student, Naruhodo found out that there was an unexamined handbag and sought to have a cross-examination on the photo just when the judge was about to give his verdict.

Shortly afterward, just when the cross-examination failed to find guiding evidence, Susato produced new evidence that revealed that Brett had been conducting a study on the supposed killer poison curare, which was supposedly in the water the professor had taken. In the following proceedings, Brett would confess guilty to the crime.

Judge Ace would declare Ryunosuke Naruhodo innocent.

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