Ace Attorney Plush

Ace Attorney Plush

Even when he had a seemingly interesting early life, denoted by the year’s report card, judge ace has an outstanding and plush manner of handling cases that makes gives him the prominence he’s had in the legal profession. One of the marking elements of his trials is the accuracy in giving the correct verdict. For this reason, he continues to find favor with justice seekers.

In 2017 he presided over a ‘Murder of a Detective trial featuring Lana Skye, a Chief Prosecutor, as the suspect in murdering Bruce Goodman. Wright was her defense against Edgeworth. Notably, the defendant had tried to plead guilty several times and fire her defense – Wright. Edgeworth would refuse to grant her plea. The proceedings revealed that Damon Gant, the Chief of Police, was guilt for the offense but had blackmailed Lana Skye.

In another case that Judge Ace’s outstanding plush would be prominent, the judge aided in solving the courtroom bombing in 2027. The case saw Juniper Woods appear as a suspect with accusations of murdering detective Candice Arm and also the bombing that had just happened. During the case, Gaspen Payne was the case’s prosecutor, while Cykes was the initial defense of the case before Wright took over.

Interestingly, the judge was among the three that failed to flee the courtroom when the Tonate threatened to bomb it. The others who did not leave the courtroom was Cykes and Wright. The trial would soon find Tonate guilty of killing Candice Arme and clear Juniper Woods from the charges.

As the case continued later the following two days, the judge was still astonished by the Tonate bomb threat so that he was found hiding under his bench as the trial began. Interestingly, Wright, Cykes, and Yuri Cosmos proved Starbuck’s innocence only to be shocked when the decisive evidence indicted Cyke as the culprit.

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