Ace Attorney Judge

Ace Attorney Judge

Both controversy and success characterized ace attorney judge’s earlier life. Many thought he would not hear clearly and therefore make mistakes. His correct judgments and verdicts would contradict this thought.

In 2018 he handled the judge presided over numerous cases involving a deadly rivalry, larceny, and murder, and another one involving a murder at a restaurant.

In the “A Deadly Rivalry” case, he was the presiding judge when Matte Engerde (The Nickel Samurai actor) was undergoing trial, having been accused of murdering his rival Juan Corrida, an actor in Jammin’ Ninja. This trial involved prosecutor Edgeworth and Wright. During the trial, it was established that Engarde was guilty of the murder charge and sought the services of a professional assassin to assassinate Juan Corrida.

On the case that was a larceny and murder, Ace Attorney Judge presided over the case that saw the prosecution of a man with an accusation for having stolen Kurain Sacred Urn and having had to be the masked thief. The court proceedings saw DeLite’s desire to be charged guilty go in vain as Wright defended him successively. The case also led to the revelation of a new suspect – Luke Atmey.

In an exciting occurrence that followed soon afterward, the court would soon curtain the freedom of DeLitefollowing the accusation of murdering a KB Security former employer. During the subsequent trial, it would be revealed that the actual killer of the employer was not DeLite but Luke Atmey. However, DeLite would be found to have been the thief in the earlier accusation but would be allowed to go scot-free.

The “Murder at a Restaurant” incident involving Maggey Byrde, who was facing accusation for poisoning a computer programmer, also saw the Ace Attorney Judge preside over the case. The judge would declare Maggey Byrde guilty within a short time following poor defense by Wright. A month later, Wright would appeal the verdict reached against Byrde, during which it was established that not only was Phoenix Wright was the actual killer.

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