What You Should Do When You are Hurt On The Job

What You Should Do When You are Hurt On The Job

You’ve injured yourself at work, and now you’re wondering what your next step is? If this sounds like you, then check out these five tips:

1. Report Your Injury: The first thing you want to do is report your injury. It doesn’t matter how small the detail may seem, still, say it. You want to tell any condition that you believe is associated with your injury, such as an illness, hearing loss, pain in your knees, a headache, etc. . . Report your injury/injuries to your company’s nurse and supervisor. Personal injury laws differ from place to place and depending on where you live; you might have to make a report within a specific period. This is why it is crucial to report injuries right away. You want to make it clear you were injured at work, or you believe you suffered an injury at work.

2. Get A Copy Of The Accident Report: It doesn’t matter if you trust your employer and that you’ve been working for them for many years, you want to get a copy of the accident report. Some employers may tell their injured employees that this isn’t necessary, but it is.

3. Receive Medical Care Promptly: You should seek medical care promptly. Ideally, you should talk to your company and ask them to choose a doctor for you. If they deny it, then you should seek out medical care on your own. Just make sure you document that you tried to seek attention via a doctor of your company’s choice. The reason why you want to go to a company-chosen doctor is that if you go to your own, then it may look like you don’t believe you were injured on the job.

4. Complete A Worker’s Comp Form: After you’ve seen a doctor and told your company about your injury, you want to fill out a form for Worker’s Compensation. You only have a certain period to fill out and submit this form. Generally speaking, you have two years from the date you’ve injured yourself to file it. After that, you will likely not be allowed to file a claim.

5. Consult With A Personal Injury Attorney: Filing a Worker’s Compensation claim does not mean you’ll automatically be given compensation. In fact, your employer might fight back, so they don’t have to pay anything. If you run into problems, then contact a personal injury attorney, such as one at SK Law Injury Attorneys. If you’re not comfortable with filing a Worker’s Comp claim on your own, an attorney can help you with that. They will provide you with, and they may even recommend using your employer if that’s what you wish to do. If you ever injure yourself at work, it is crucial to report the injury to a supervisor and get a copy of the accident report. You also want to see a doctor as soon as possible, and you want to file a Worker’s Comp claim right away. If you’re confused on what you should do, or you’re not comfortable with any of the above, then hire a personal injury lawyer.

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